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Chris Kermode, the new man in charge of the ATP, visited the Catalan capital this week to honor the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell with a very special award, celebrating 25 years since the inception of the ATP World Tour. During his stay, the 49-year-old Briton enjoyed the tennis matches at the Real Club Tenis Barcelona but also took his time for an exclusive interview with the tournament organization.

During the interview, Kermode explained his goals as new president of the ATP: "There is two things, the tournament aspect and the player aspect. On the tournament side we have a great structure of events with 61 tournament in 30 countries played in great cities around the world, but we have got to create a platform and mechanism where our best events can grow. On the players side, it’s getting them to understand that it’s their tour, they own 50 percent at a responsibility of how to behave as sports entertainers."

"This has been the golden age. I grew up as a kid watching the Borg and McEnroe era and when they left everyone said tennis is finished. But all these people do come through. The Agassis, Sampras, Beckers…a star always comes through," said the ATP president and chairman about the current situation in men's tennis.

Click on the following link to watch the entire interview:
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