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Tennis Stock Exchange


This game is derived from a random article read for the WTA.

Let me know if there's any suggestions.

General Rules

Each week, game players are allowed to either buy -or- sell tennis players acting like a stock market, except that game players may only choose to buy -or- to sell, not both at the same time.

Buying and selling period is based on New Zealand Time to prevent match beginning early in Asian-Australian countries. It will be from Monday 00:01 to Thursday 23:59. Tennis player points will be based on Monday's published ranking, which means game players are allowed to post prior to the published ranking.

Game player must indicate if they want to buy -or- to sell in each post. If a player has chosen to buy in an earlier post, the player may not choose to sell in a later post. If game players were to buy multiple tennis players, the ones listed in the top will have precedence over others should the game player runs out of purchasing money (early post > later post).

You may not change or edit buying or selling options after you have made the post.

Each tennis player is worth the exact amount of points based on the Monday's published ranking. Therefore, game players must have enough cash in order to buy. Each transaction, whether buy -or- sell, will incur a minimum transaction fee of 10% -or- $1, whichever is greater, to decrease the amount of cash that will be in the market.


Prior to week 1 tournament, Novak Djokovic is worth = $13,630.

In order to purchase Novak Djokovic, a game player must have $13,630 x 10% = $14,993.

Same goes when you sell a player. When you sell Novak Djokovic, you will only receive $13,630 - $1,363 = $12,267.

At the end of each season, when game players have less than minimum balance in cash (than the amount allocated to new players) with no player stocks, the amount of cash will be replenished based on new player rules.

New Player (to begin)

To begin this game, a player will need to choose any given week to place a bet based on the entry list. If a player were to begin playing in Week 1, then the game player will need to choose a tennis player that's playing in that given week to earn starting cash based on the points that specific player earns.

It is advised to choose Grand Slams or ATP 1000 because the minimum points one can earn is 10 points (unless withdraw). WTF is not applicable.


Each week, three sets of ranking will be made to rank players.

Stock Holding
Cash + Stock Holding

When a player qualifies to play WTF (based on Top 8 performance in Cash + Stock Holding), they will be able to bet like a new player on WTF tournament to earn appropriate cash.

If a player has less than 10 ranking points, then the minimum $1 fee will be charged = $11.
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