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Discussion Starter · #1 · provides First person shooter hacks for counter strike 1.6, counterstrike source, day of defeat, day of defeat source. Although Enhancedaim's programmers have been providing cheats to the private underground hacking scene for years it is only recently that they have begun to sell their sought after product to the general public. This first opportunity that an average player has had or possibly will have to experience the best of the best in the world of hacking. Software like this allows you to become a hackers hacker, allowing you to dominate even in hacking servers.
Of course dominating the competition is nothing if you cannot do it without being branded as a hacker, or a cheater. Enhancedaim allows you access to features that let you seem human even while you accomplish superhuman feats. The aimbot is a specialty of Enhancedaim and we pride ourselves on our realistic looking aimbots. Enhancedaim allows you access to aimbots that are real enough to be used at a lan tournament. Thats right, so good that people can stare at them in person and they will think your Frod from complexity or ksharp from team 3d not a noob who's been playing for 3 months. Don't believe them? They offer 20 dollar one month subscribtion and if our software isn't the best you have used then they will refund you 100%. You have nothing to loose, so order
Enhancedaim today!

Also soon to be selling team fortress 2 hacks
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