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So on Thursday I met my friends in Ghent for the annual festivities there. First we went to see a movie, "over the hedge". I wanted to go to Pirates really, but it wasn't out here yet, I'll probably see it next weekend when I'm in Holland with Gaby and Sjoukje! :D But the movie was hilarious, Hammy was fantastic. :lol:

I know! Let's call it Steve! :D
- Why Steve?
It's a pretty name :awww:

It was very hot there, plus they didn't have airco in the cinema. Great! Let's just say we drank a lot. :lol: Then we went to have pizza, which didn't help very much to cool down lol.

Afterwards we went to de Grasleien, a really cosy place usually, except this time it was very crowded :lol: Some South American fellow was performing there, but he had almost finished by the time we got there. We did stay for the afterparty with TLP, a well known DJ here. I danced for about 3 and a half hours :dance: and I had a great time. A lot of the people there must have thought I was :cuckoo: :rolls: oh well, I don't care. It's better than being boring. :p

But of course the atmosphere had to be ruined at the end, because one of my classmates wasn't having any fun. She just left without even saying goodbye. It was like she didn't even consider us as good friends! Nice huh! But she's really selfish, (which reminds me of a great quote by Pierce Brosnan in the Muppets tonight :lol: ) she once said she was jealous because I was spending more time with my friend Raïka than she does (just because Raïka lives closer to me than she does :rolleyes: ) Isn't that sad? Well everyone could now see the true her again. She's not making herself loved by acting like that. Anyway, I decided not to care too much, it wasn't worth it.

Tomorrow: Lost-marathon. :lol: unfortunately the spoilsport will be there, so I'm just hoping she'll keep her mouth shut most of the time.

Further plans for next week: Tuesday I'm maybe going to Leuven, to have a look at the library (my promotor for my thesis suggested to go get some reading material there), Wednesday I'm going to Ghent with somebody to clean the rest of my old place there. And next weekend it's kermis time! :woohoo: I can't wait :lol: Last year I had a great time there, it will be great to see Gabs and Sjoukje again, It's been half a year since I last saw them. we'll have to discuss Madrid too :D I can't wait to go back :bounce: :lol:

Gee, what an entry :p hope I didn't bore you too much :p

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No you didn't :) But I hope I'll remind all the comment I want to do :p :lol:

First, don't forget to update your LJ too :p :D

Second, Over the hedge seems very funny :D And I want to see Pirates too... And a movie theatre without airco :eek:yo

Third... Glad you had fun :D :dance: :banana; And it's not a great reaction from your so-called friend :rolleyes:

Fourth...What is spoilsport? :confused:

Fifth...For the cleaning...Try to find the tools :p It could be useful :lol: Is it for that you ask to a friend to come with you? For searching the cleaning too? :rolls:

Sixth...Hope you will have fun next week-end.. I'll not be at home neither :)

Seventh.... I think that's all :kiss:
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