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Same as it ever was
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I have to tell about my lovely week at work this week :) Firstly let me explain that I've been at this store for 10 years and for the whole time I've worked on the cash registers because I'm unmotivated and didn't want to try anything else.

Anyway, on Wednesday my store manager asked me to his office and sat me down and gave me these huge compliments telling me I was an untapped talent and completely wasted on registers. Apparantly every time a new position in the store comes up my name is mentioned but my customer service dept manager tells him that I won't do it because I won't leave the service area. So he tells me he has a new position for me and I'd be perfect for it and it turns out to be the general merchandise and apparal dept. After a lot of persuading and explaining of my stress/anxiety/self confidence issues he persuaded me to take the position :unsure: :scared: I'll be very nervous but I'll also be getting $20-$30 extra each week which will be handy :)

Then yesterday they sent me on my tea break just after they'd called all available staff to the tea room. I walk in and see all this food on the table and I wonder what's happening coz that only happens when someone is leaving usually. So I sat down and then the manager starts talking and everyone is gathered there for my 10 year service :eek: They have me a lovely bunch of 20 long stemmed roses and a box of Droste chocolates which I'd recently told my service manager they were my favourites, and from head office I received a certificate and a $50 voucher :)

So yeah, a really lovely week at work all in all :D
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