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Some bits of info (some worthless)heading into tonights game one :

*Three test series, first game in Auckland next two in Aussie

*Not many know this but star Australian defender Mo'onia Gerrard will miss game one due to a calf strain. Otherwise both teams at full strength.

*Aussie have won 4 of the last 5 vs NZ

*NZ are the current World Champions

*Game one will be played at a new arena in Auckland in front of a huge crowd for netball of 8K

*Both teams have played Jamaica twice recently. Aussie won won their first by 4 goals and the second by 19. NZ's margins were considerably bigger winning their first by 44 and second by 22.

*Bookmakers made a hash of their opening markets for game one, the NZTAB instigated with Aust 1.72 NZ 2.00. Centrebet came back with NZ 1.65 Aust 2.15. Which prompted the NZTAB to chamge to 1.87 a piece. No doubt some people arbed.

Will have my play later today.......
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