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Wow, I haven't updated this boring blog in ages!

So here's my complaint of the day:

Europeans and other non-Americans who use the word "*******" to describe anybody who hails from the south without actually understanding what the word really means.

Even some dumbass Americans don't really know what the word "*******" means.
It just sounds like a really great insult to use against those fat-assed Red State retards who actually voted for Bush (twice!). In some ways, I can't blame them for using the word. In other ways, I scoff at them for using the insult incorrectly. Calling your average Texan a "*******" is like calling Richard Simmons "butch."

Let this be a lesson: know your stereotypes and use only the correct insults!

The word "*******" is often used to describe the dysfunctional, stereotypical, shoot-em-up-cowboy-and-grab-them-by-the-bullhorns attitude of one uneducated George W. Texas "Bomb 'em all to hell!!!!" ******* Bush. They would not be wrong, even though the Bushies are bluebloods from New England. LOL.

So thanks again to our ^%$# pResident, for not only dumbing down Americans but the rest of the world as well. ******** will never be the same again.
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