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NAPOLI: Must Wins For Roland Garros!!!

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The board has been soooo quiet. We're all bummed because of Nico's loss. :sad:

But time to try at least to get fired up again for Napoli!!! :fiery:

Nico has to do very well in Napoli so that Kid, Alx, Lovely, and I can see him in Roland Garros.


(And I damn well better hear that he's got a new freaking coach for Napoli. :( And an American or European...preferably someone how knows hardcourts.)
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I'm laughing about the comment between ( ) :haha:

it's been quiet since nobody else is here and I can't find anything interesting about Nico to post (or anything else :p)

he better be on a plane to Italy now :rolleyes: :lol:

I was laughing too when I wrote it. :lol: Of course, it will never happen, because Nico never does anything I want him to do. :rolls:

I can't find anything interesting either...none of us can. :shrug:

Hopefully next week will bring lots to chat about. :yeah:
he never does what any of us would like him to do :haha: not even wearing the outfits that we want all the time :p

hopefully he'll give us lots to chat about, he better does it :fiery: :lol:
Nico has to win so his best fans can see him at the clay Slam!!! :yeah: But yeah, its hard to get fired up right now but I will try to put the past behind me and be positive :p :lol:

VAMOOOOOOOS NICO!!! (and yeah, good luck with the coach thing :rolleyes: I won't be as picky as Nicofan though-any change will do right now-he could replace Pato with a monkey right now and he would be better off :devil: :haha: )
I can't believe that I wasn't the one doing that comment about a better coach, it was Sparko believe it or not!! :eek: :lol:
You must be influencing me Kid :angel: :rolls:
you think? :aplot: :lol: ... is just that a picture of a monkey being a coach crossed my mind after your post :haha:
I'd like having news of Nico :eek:
Where is he ? :scratch:
Me too.

And no idea. :shrug:
the same here .... and nothing new in the useless press :eek: :lol:
The poor press-they can't win :awww: :lol: Maybe they're finally experiencing a little sympathy for Nico right now. :shrug: yeah, right :rolleyes: :rolls: No news is better than bad news at least ;)
like you said Sparko, yeah right :spit:

and yes, no news is better than bad news, that's for sure :p
Back on internet after some connexion problems :eek:
And ready for Napoli :D I'll be there from saturday to wednesday :)
Have fun Lovely!!! :hug:

Say 'hola' to the chico for us. :)
Have fun Lovely!!! :hug:

Say 'hola' to the chico for us. :)
okay I will :)
:wavey: Have a great time Lovely!

Connection problems suck-glad its fixed for you :)

Speaking of connections-we finally upgraded to broadband so everythingis much faster for me! :D
Vamos!! Nico won this poinst for RG i belive in you
Have a great time Lovely and don't forget what I asked you besides say Hola to Nico for us :cool: :rolls:

Hey Echagaray, nice to see you here paisano :yeah:
Main Draw is available here ... if anyone finds a pastable version before me just post it please :p

First round Nico vs Pablo Andujar

1 - 20 of 71 Posts
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