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Nando (Esp) def Feña (2) 6/7 7/5 7/6

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:eek: :worship: Vamos Fer !!!
3 Spaniards in QFs at a Hardcourt Tournament in USA
(+ Anabel Medina in Sfs in the women's event)

See To Believe ! :eek:
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:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: I like González too, but this is just great for Verdasco. :)
Gonzo ... :smash: :crying2:
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Gonzo :(
:woohoo: ¡¡¡¡Vamos Verdasco!!!! :banana:
Gonzo :fiery::sobbing:
4 Spaniards in QFs in USA on HardCourtssss
DVD Ferrer joins Tommy, Fer, Feli and ..... Anabel Medina !!!!
Nando finally :woohoo: Henman is in big trouble of losing the 1st round at the Open
:woohoo: for Nando!!! Next he plays Feli... so there will be at least one less Spaniard after the next round... but vamos! Four Spaniards in the quarterfinals is nice to see :)
Nando :bounce: :bounce:
Nando keeps improving :)
I saw Nando on TV and he looks great with his new haircut :drool:

Played well, too.
I can only stand 1 of 4 Spaniards, :eek: that man you have to win. ;)
I'd be happy if any of them won!!!
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these courts are so slow :(
I wish Blake to win this :p
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