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I am so looking forward for Friday to come. Not only the World Cup starts, but it will be the day of a fantastic match in RG 2006. David Nalbandian vs The Mighty Fed...the match should be a very long one, in my opinion. 5 sets. And the winner will be David (again, in my opinion :p ). He has the power, the shots and a little mental advantage to help him defeat Roger. I really think he can do it. I actually bet on it! If he wins, he will bring me money! :lol: But of course, I don't really care about that...I just want to see a different final in RG this year. Not the so-expected Federer - Nadal one. I don't want that anymore.
A lot of surprises have happened during these two weeks in the French why couldn't Nalbandian give us the biggest of them all??? Of course, an even bigger one would be if Rafael lost to Ljubicic, but come on, that is impossible to happen. I think Ivan will lose in straight sets to Nadal! If this was the US Open or the AO of course, I couldn't have said so but here at Roland Garros we're talking about clay! And everybody knows that this is by far Rafael's favourite and best surface... :yeah:
VAMOS chichos! :woohoo: I want a D. NALBANDIAN - R. NADAL final, please! ;)
Meanwhile, today are being played the semifinals of the women's competition. Kim against Justine and Nicole V. (great player, very promising ) against Kuznetsova, the last Russian in the competition. I'm going with Kim and Nicole! Go girls! :angel:
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