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Alright, now that we have had sufficient time to get over both these matches, I thought of running a blog around it. Usually, I notice that the event that happened recently tends to generate a better response than the one from the previous year, and that is exactly why I choose to give it some more time, before asking for opinions.

Nadal and Djokovic played a great final last year. Was the 2011 final as good if not better than the previous one? In my opinion, it certainly was and here are my thoughts as to why :-

Nadal was sensational in the 2010 final and did just about everything to win that match. The difference this year was a new and improved Djokovic who just wouldn’t back down from anything. Whatever Nadal threw at him, came back even stronger!

Although the first two sets in this year’s final were a bit one sided, the third set was the highest quality of baseline tennis, I have seen in a long time. Both of them were relentless from the baseline, and that is where I respect Nadal even more. Despite losing the first two sets, against a player he has not beaten this year; his attitude was to try to do everything within his range to bring Djokovic down, and not to throw in the towel. It was this attitude that won him that set. The fourth set, however, couldn’t live up to the expectation from the previous one because both Djokovic and Nadal were understandably tired.

At the end of it, the quality of tennis produced in the third set, was the best in all the sets they have played between them in the last two US open finals, and that’s the reason I would tip this one as the better final. What do you think? Which one was the better final? Share your views, here.
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