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I often hear these words from Fedfans: what a gentleman Federer is!
At our first glance in match, Federer is indeed gentler than Nadal! However, these first impressions are usually inaccurate and even prejudiced without in-depth observation! We'll appreciate the real ruya of Nadal as time goes on!

Nadal is the kind of person who can stand the test of hardship! And he is becoming increasingly attractive owing to his charming personality! I like this humble guy due to my character.I have once suffered terribly in my life because of my high profile so I really envy Nadal's low key and achievement! By contrast, Djokovic and Murray, the two grandstanders, have tasted bitterness due to their high profile. So combining Nadal's low key and great achievement, I have to say that: competing with great Federer, you can't beat him without efforts and humility. Nadal's success makes me firmly believe that sincerity and low key is half done.

I have seen Nadal fighting and struggling all the time. 'specialist of clay','one-track mind'-said by Federer while losing to Nadal on clay. No doubt that these contemptuous comments from the GOAT are authoritative as some so-called tennis critics said the same things to define Nadal! Are they controlled by Federer? I think yes. They clearly realize that they can earn more easily by praising federer in their articles. So they give all the compliments to Federer while leaving rafa with the most unfair words! Nadal goes step by step in such a difficult tennis environment! Every step is full of blood and sweat. And every step he goes, he swallows the tears of grievances. Look at the offensive and arrogant words and actions by Djokvic after he won 2008 AO. Look at murray's high profile and frenzy. They were both teased by Federer on tennis court. They were both defeated by Federer's saliva again and again! Murray wanted to prove himself when Federer said he can't win a GS until 150 thousand years later. But he had been defeated by federer 2010 AO. That is beaucause a angry Murray is doomed to be teased by Federer again and again! So murray's 2 bitter fails of GS finals aginst federer are not surprisingly! Oppositely, Nadal is always silent when faced to the criticism by Federer! As LU Xun (a chinese writer) said, if you don't erupt in silence, you‘ll die in it. Nadal erupts!! It's Nadal's silence who defeats Federer! His extraordinary sophisticate and ripeness helps him ends the choking rule of Federer! He pressed Federer to a distressed situation- Fed cried at 2009 AO! This event fully express rafa's great! Only god can press the GOAT fed to such a distressed situation!!! In fact, rafa is god for lots of rafa fans! For competing the position of GOAT, Nadal's capital is his king-qualities, his fighting spirit, his sincere, his harmony with opponent, etc.

Speaking of the fighting spirit, I think nobody can express it better than Nadal! As for Nadal's morality, it's so good that we don't need much more words to praise. When federer is in war of words with Murray, Djokovic, Jankovic, etc.., they counterattack federer by using the example of Nadal! As consequence, the former IOC president, the legend Samaranch has said: Nadal is a model for all young people!

Someone said that Rafa's playstyle is not attractive! Things are completely different for me as I think Rafa's style is the most enjoyable one.Fans will find the essence of sport--strong will and never stopping fighting in his game.I never enjoy servebots,I like the guys who can play for longer rallies for games like these are much more fascinating.I guess this idea is agreed by many tennis fans,as the improvements of tennis is achieved in this way. He proved that Federer is never invincible,his rising pushed the competition to the highest level. Rafa is the benchmark in this era.Look at Djoko,Murray or Federer,they are now much more humble and this can only be developed under Rafa's influence.They have all learned the importance of giving credit to the opponent despite what actual ideas they may have. In the past,Federer would look for a series of reasons outward for his loss.The competiton became fiercer but also more peaceful because of Rafa.Fedal may be the most peaceful rivals in the tennis,and it is the great Rafa who leads this all the time.His Ruya style made all these possible.

Someone also said that Nadal has dull personality for he never breaks racket like Safin does! But if Nadal plays like Safin, maybe he can only win RG titles! The man who breaks his racket will never be promising in tennis career. Federer also rarely breaks racket. So in this era, the man who breaks racket can't obtain great achievements! Because this kind of player is poor in psychological quality. Today only the man with excellent skill, psychological quality, physical strength and willpower can become the king o tennis. And the man with ill temper is just the cloud and mist passing by! Murray is now slowly changing himself and We wish Andy to win a GS title as soon as possible! I don't like Safin's breaking racket while someone likes this action. In my opinion, for these guys who appreciate breaking racket, I wonder they can abreact or celebrate by overturning cars in public places. People are interacted by each other in this world. When we abreact, we must consider the others. I don't oppose the abreaction but I think it's immoral abreacting in public place. I also abreact, also say bad language to my wife. But in public place I must pretend to be gentle! Whether Nadal is fake or not in the eyes of those guys, I still deeply believe that: Nadal is the most gentlemanly man! He is a qualified person, is the benchmark of my life! In public places, we can't be arbitrary, for considering everyone!

At last, we quote the words of Pete Bodo (a tennis commentator): It's immoral crying at the ceremony! I agree this opinion although I think Bodo is an inferior tennis commentator! I don't want to aim somebody, really! As Federer has changed a lot, and he is now quite low-key. I really bless his changes. Maybe only Nadal can help Federer to be a low-key man! Federer's changes are definitely due to Nadal! King Roger has returned to the earth! Bodo is right: the Runner-up is also successful. But we must respect the joy of champion, , is the champion easily obtained??? But the joy of champion was diluted by the tears of runner-up. And is this fair to the champion?? Only the champion is the leading role. We bystanders can't be tolerated that the tears became the leading role!!! So perhaps this is the source of disgust. In that night of championship, we had witnessed the great rafa, kind-hearted rafa, educated rafa.....

It is not because what he said during his peak time that he would be called a great man.It is for what he said and done in his lows.When he is at his prime he said some fuxxing high sounding words like"the titles are not really important and winning means little".But he cried a lot after being defeated.All these words and deeds are perfect reflections of his nature.
Maybe you will learn that I am talking about Federer.It is more appropriate for me to write this at the beginning of the year as he is changing now.However I still keep this in order to let the arrogant ones take warning from that and so that us fans can be reasonable enough to realize:true manners and Ruya are reflected from what we do everyday,not from several particular behaviours on the court!

To my dear rafa: You behave always so low-key and humble not only during the peak time but also in lows! You are always approachable. You have good relationship with federer, Djokovic and murray. You treat all the opponents equally, not only the seniors, but also the youngers! You are never pleased by external gains, never saddened by personal losses! You are the real king in today's tennis! Your personality make all the people stand behind you and support you!

Rafa is the most ruya people in my heart! And I hope that Federer can become someone like my Rafa.
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