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Hey guys!

I just wrote this piece about volleys. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts (and if you like it, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter)

Isn't that the sound you WANT on your volley?

Picture this...

You're playing doubles on a beautiful friday evening. As the sun sets, you feel a cool breeze comforting your skin after a rigorous opening to your match.

It's the final round of a local tournament, and you're at 5-4, up a set, and your partner is serving at match point!

He cracks a POWERFUL serve right down the T.

Your opponent scrambles to frame the ball back to your side of the court.

It's a lazy, hanging, wafting ball of green fuzz that seems as though it's traveling in super slow motion towards you screaming "HIT ME, HIT ME".

Your eyes get as big as grapefruits as you prepare to triumphantly stick the game winning volley.

You can already here Queen's "We are the Champions" resounding in your head.


All of a sudden, you look up, and the ball is in the net, on your side, and your opponents are fist bumping and pumping themselves up.

It doesn't matter how this match turns out at this moment, because you know that you just snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


I feel your pain. I do, because it's happened to me.

When I learned what I'm about to share with you, today, I started sticking game winning volleys without thinking.

Follow the tip I'm going to share with you today, and I can virtually guarantee that your next volley put away will make you a champion.





P.S. What area of your tennis game do you need help with? I'll take the most frequent response, and make a video to help you.

Email me: at [email protected]
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