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Hubby and I will go out for dinner. Lee Jr. will stay home and he said he's OK himself.

Hubby wanted to go to a nearby fancy Italian Restaurant (all the restaurants nearby are fancy as our house is close to a 5 stars resort. He looked up all the phones books and went onto internet, the restaurant doesn't seem like to exist and he got really really frustrated and start cursing. :tape: Finally, he found the phone# on internet. He called and the place had a set dinner menu which cost over $100/person. So forget about it. And honestly, I really not in the mood to dress up tonight.

We will go to a teeny tiny Chinese restaurant instead which don't think we need to make a reservation tonight :haha:

This is the first time we eat in this Chinese Restaurant. We've been in that area many times but there are at least 30 restaurants in the vicinity. (at the intersection of a freeway and a major road)

Good that we made reservation because it's really busy including "to go" orders. The waitresses speak Cantonese :woohoo: and many customers (most of the customers are senior) know them by name. So I guess the place is OK. The food is pretty good.

We order Sea Bass and it's not excellent but my expectation is not that high. Near the end of the meal, I felt something stuck in my throat and had hard time swallow even water. I went to restroom and :eek: found my tongue, near the root, was red and swollen. I suspected it was cut by a fish bone without me knowing. Since I have allergy toward various food, I always carry Claritan with me. I have the red-tab one, which desolves on your tongue which is perfect for my case as a minute or 2 after I took the Claritan, my tongue was back to normal.
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