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so,ppl read my blog :p let's give them what to read then :p

as i had that v interesting addicts chat till 5 am i kinda told grandma off when she came to wake me up..but of course she and mum kept on trying waking me off till noon :ras: as i would have gone to one 1 class :rolleyes: after that i had tutorials at maths :)yawn:,tho i enjoy them,i feel smart to really solve some exercices :cool: ) and i told mum the thing i had to tell :tape: and she took it v well :cool: tho she gave me sex advices,as it would have anything to do with what i told her :rolleyes: :haha: :tape:

the msn evening was funny/sad and damn busy :lol: i was having up to 8 convos in the same time :lol: :tape: but i'm a convo heroine :)spit: ) and i dealt them off :cool:

yeah,i feel pretty bad because the whole mtf must already gossip and laugh on me,but oh yeah,screw them :p
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