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We left really early on Monday morning. It’s not a leisure trip and was very exhausting. There were many activities set up by the teachers and the parent(s)/chaperone(s) were to take the children to various activities. There were so many that the kids were not supposed to be able to participate in all of them so we had to plan the explorations. They earned a bead for each activity. We didn’t bring our car with us. We met in his school, left our car there and rode a tour bus to the camp site. We stayed in a camp site within the Grand Canyon village at the south rim. There are 3 different bus routes which are free once you entered the Grand Canyon National Park. We stayed in the village area and rode bus to every activity. It’s very time consuming and we actually had only one and a third days for all the activities.

The weather was the worst for all my trips there (this is the 3rd one for us). The first day was really windy when we set up the tent and everything is dusty by the time we could zip up the tent. The temperature was much below normal so we had to stick to the long jeans we wore the first day for the whole trip. The high temperature for 1st, 2nd and 3rd day is 72°F, 65°F and 56°F respectively. First night was below freezing. The 2nd day was cool and a bit windy plus rain and hail. Lucky for us we were riding the bus when it rained real hard with hail. We had meals catered in the camp ground but because of the weather, we had to eat the last dinner and breakfast in one of the restaurants in the village which was far from our camp site. Each trip took about 30 minutes with the walking, waiting and riding. So an hour was wasted for each meal. The thunderstorm hit during our last night there. We could hardly sleep all night and when we left, everything was muddy and wet and dirty. Although the temperature was warmer because of the cloud, it felt much colder than first night because of the rain. I usually can’t sleep in a moving vehicle but I had a few catnaps during the trip home.

Although we were very tired by the time we’re home, we had to set up the tent again to clean it. Plus the sleeping bags, etc. I still have two more sleeping bags to clean, the air mattress and tons of laundry.
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