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I can't even remember when I wrote this lousy trash which I call poem :spit:
I guess I wrote it when I was 14 or sth... so you have to forgive me if it makes you wanna puke! :haha:

Everytime I look at you
I see something rare
Something can not be seen in anything
Only the moment we've shared

Time goes by so fast
Like the wind that's blown away
The world may walk on by
But our memories together shall stay

May the stars all shine above you
To guide you, lead you to heaven
Somehow, someday I'll find my way
To where our love has been written

Even once when we're apart
Please know that I would never be far
I'm closer than the breath you take
Guiding you through you nights like the stars

No need to ask if I am
Loving you with all of my heart
You're more to me than my life
You and I will never be apart

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