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I went to the lawyers school today, to the meeting about our schedule and how it's organized, etc. The president of the school and the director of the studies seem very nice.

I'll have lectures from 9:30 to 5pm everyday, which isn't THAT bad cuz i'll have to leave home at 7:40am (same thing as when i was in uni in the city next mine and started @ 8:30) and i'll be back at home around 7pm.
Now, on Monday or Friday (probably Friday cuz that's the best groups and i think i'm in given what the woman told me the other day :cool: ) we will have an English class from 5pm to 8pm. Which means i'll arrive at home at 10pm!!!!!!! :eek: Hence why i prefer it to be on the last day of the week.

On Tuesday (or maybe Thursday), at 5pm i'll have to go to the courthouse i did my internship at last year. It's in my area, not in the area of the school. I'll have 1:30 to go there, which by train is quite short :awww:
So i'll probably take mom's car that day, especially as the exercises we will do at the courthouse will finish at 8pm too and the area isn't safe after that hour so i prefer not take the bus to go home.

So those 2 evenings in the week are pretty annoying but i have no choice. :shrug:

Oh, i finish school on April 21st, and then i have to start an internship. To get an internship i'll have to go to interviews of course. And as the lectures at school are complusory (and they are really strict on that!) they told us not to agree for interviews between 9am and 5pm. Which, in my case, makes it to 7pm because i can't be in my city or around before 7pm. Now the question is: will the places i apply to be open until 7pm? Really not sure. :unsure:

So i don't know yet how i'll do that, i'll see when i'll have appointments.

Nothing else to say. I have no news from my friend, the one who wants to go to another school. She wasn't at the meeting. But i found out that the meeting today was just for group one: the group which starts with the lectures first, and then does the internship the rest of the year. She applied to that group too, in case she has to stay in this school. But she wasn't there, which means that either they put her in group 2, the one which starts with the internship (preety hard for her, she has none), or she managed to change school.

Anyway, i won't have lectures with her that's for sure. :sad:

But i saw 2 girls i went to uni with for 4 years, so i know them even if we're not close. And also one girl who took the entry exams with me and that i met the year before during our lectures. I don't remember her name but i remember she was nice, and she remembers me too. So i won't be all alone like i was today. :)


Mr safin.
Shit. Of course i was hoping for his comeback. And one more month to wait is quite long. :awww:

But i'm happy that he says the knee is getting better and he can start practising more. At least that's positive for the rest of his career, and that's all I wanted to know. :D
I feel much better knowing that, i feel relieved. :yeah:

See you in February in Marseille dude! (oh, and it's gonna be the week of my birthday... what a great present for my 25th b-day!!! :aplot: hehe)
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