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shopping in the morning. Not really shopping just bought some casual t-shirts and some towels. Oh, and i bought two DVDs for my own: Man On Fire(it's really for me) and Mercenary for Justice(well, my dad has been suffering Seagalisticsm for years:devil: ).

Afternoon, i spend 3 hours in the court (tired but it was VERY VERY fun). As usual i play double. Nothing more than tennis making this life so tasty:D. I need new stringing for my lovely rdx, i have wilson 95 but it's not very suitable for me so mostly i play with my rdx, and sometimes i borrow my ncode 95 to my friend. Honestly, i hate if someone asking me to using my rdx, :mad: it's like "hell, he will hang out with my girl:( " So dont ask me for it.

And Dinner.

Night: On the phone just half hour (not so long, as usually i spend 2-3 hours with my real girl:devil: ) and talking about some useless triffling matters. Playing GTA: San Andreas. And here I am surfing in the internet;)

Overall, it's just normal and usual day. I can understand if you guys read with the tight wink on your so i'll making more interesting next time.

Steve su
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