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This tournament is the best one of the year, players party night before it goining to start. Through the years it was awesome as I missed nothing there-alcohol, girls, black-out next day, every time I was playing in jeans (simply closed as I returned from last bar with sb. racquet as I wasn’t able to find mine). Last year it was not so great, it turned into a huge poker game and a lot of us lost all theirs money including me..
This year? The same! I don’t why but everyone wanted only to play poker and the other $$$ games, most of the guys are married, having baby or I don’t know what…I was really disappointed as I went there except spending the weekend with….I miss so much those years..
Anyway results?

1st match against KingJohny won 6:2
Difficult one as I didn’t know this guy’s game, first game on return I was just adapting to Babolat racquet I find in sb. bag, OK was borrowed as I hope, missed some breakballs but stil with no pain beat this guy 6:2.
After match he said:”His tennis style didn’t suit me at all, he is error-free, everything I hit comes back…”

2nd match against Haramir aka James “headband” Blake won 6:3
I was pissed of as never, I couldn’t break this guy as he was netting twice in his first two servis games, I was screaming on him, on everyone, little bit freak as always but still as he is friend I let him win a game during 5:2 lead when I could finish it.
After match he said:”..” I don’t remember as I was more interested in Volandri-Kiefer result

3th match against Aleshlevin aka Fabrice “net wizard” Santoro won 6:3
This guy is all around Fabrice kind a like, brutal tennis with brilliant net approaches, I was 0:2 down really pissed of because I simply can’t play/loose against a guy that is worse than me..I can’t handle it. I started to focus and turned the match into 5:2 lead really enjoying it, killed some MP on his serve..served it out with one awesome ace.
After match he said:”I have to train hard to be at least half good as he is.Famous serve, movement on court except with only minor exceptions faultless. He reminds me of Kodeš in his best years ”

4th match against AngryBird won 6:0 as a retirement
Anyway he was telling shit about my game too

5th match FINAL against Jim Courier loss 5:7
My first match on Center court, even I served well, I was quickly down 0:2, this guy was real competition for me, shit serve but good fh and bh. I tried to make him run as much as I could but still I wasn’t able to go in front as I was hopeless when he returned my serve back..I didn’t feel my fh at all and after I got the score to 3all, somehow I woke up *3:5 30:40 down on second serve, I saw many times DF on MP, so I played one with big kick..I had nothing to lose, so I started really to go for, I think, 2 MP and at 5all as I came to serve the sun started to shine..I can’t serve against the sun and I was pissed of and totally fucked it up to let this guy to serve out the match, I think I save one MP and had Ad to go to TB but he hit somehow ace…his percentage of first serve was like 10%, not more and he did me this. I screamed on him, on everyone around the court…fucked a rally and wasn’t able to return his serve on another MP…lucky one won as sb. said
After match he said:”Against jesus, who shot back almost everything on line or with big top spin, I was little bit off the hinges, especially when you serve only 3 first serve pro set, so you lost little bit of confidence..but he was kind strange on”
Still I would rather enjoy the party then the final..
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