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I am sooooo happy with my grades! :D I did SO GOOD! :woohoo:
Here they are:
~ History: 5.5 (High for me ;))
~ Literature: 6.2 (Gonna do that again I think :p)
~ Spanish listening: 7.5 :D
~ Spanish reading: 7.1 :) Was kinda disappointing, but okee!
~ French writing: 6.0 ;) okee I guess :p
~ Economics: 6.2!!!! OMG! :eek: HIGHEST GRADE IN HISTORY :haha: SOOOOO HAPPY! :D:D:D

I could do a lot better, but this is GREAT! :D I felt so happy! :worship:
The upcoming 2/3 weeks are mostly tests and speaking exams.. I got Spanish, English and Dutch in 2 weeks .. Wish me luck! :D

The rest is going pretty okee too :) I'm really enjoying my free time with my friends, too bad I couldn't see Shane much :awww:
....... That's the reason we broke up today, after almost 6 weeks .. He wasn't paying much attention to me and I NEED ATTENTION! Especially for my boyfriend, if he doesn't live nearby :rolleyes: It just wasn't working anymore .. He's just one of those guys who doesnt pay a lot of attention to 'his girl', and I don't want that!
I wasn't feeling 'it' anymore for almost a week now .. Didnt talk to him much and he wasnt really responsing to all my texts and mails and stuff .. So I just said we needed to talk it all out, because I had NO idea what our situation was like at this point :confused:
So this morning he sent me an email saying he thought it was best for us if we stayed friends .. And I kinda agreed .. Like I said, I wasnt feeling it anymore, I missed him! But he had no time to visit me and stuff .. I wanted to make myself believe we could fix it and nothing was wrong, but I didnt know how he thought about it .. And now I know, and we decided today ... that it's best for us if we stay friends ..
It hurts, but it's for the best .. I need attention and he can't give me that! I deserve someone whoe gives me that attention and maybe someone closer to home :rolleyes: .. Too bad, because I like him a lot and still attracted to him, but I guess that'll fade away in time .. I can't stick with him forever.
I have no regrets whatsoever! I've been happy with him, and hadn't been that happy in a long time, but I gotta let go, move on!
He's just not the guy for me .. It'll take a while for me to find a guy who I can trust like him, but I'll find him :)
Satisfied now that we'v worked things out, but also disappointed because I really felt like things were going so good! We'll be friends now and let's see how things are going ;)

Talk to ya soon! Got soooo many things to do :rolleyes: School si driving me CRAZYYYY!!!!!

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Good result! Congrats :banana:

And yes, your french's result is ok...Enough for coming in the french forum on mtf :p :angel:
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