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Got my first spanish course this evening :) I've just came back.

Was nice, but not easy to talk :lol: it's always easy to understand than to speak.

In the spanish course, we are about 19, mostly young people (around 25-36), everyone has a work. The teacher is Colombian (like Shakira). When we entered in the classroom, he spoke in spanish, he's easy to understand. He asked us to introduce ourselves, so I said :

- hola, me llamo Valérie, tengo 31 años y trabajo en un tour-operador especialisado en los paises nordicos y vamos a vender el America del sur, cruceros en Antartida.

He asked me why I wanted to learn spanish. I said that it was to improve it, cause I stopped to practrice it a few years ago and mainly for my job, I wanted to practrice. It's also because I like a lot the language and I have some basis so I think it could be a good idea to improve it. I didn't like spanish when I was in high-school maybe because I had the wrong teacher.

Then, we made an exercice, grammar, and then, we played a game (vocabulary). I noticed that I had a lack of vocabulary, then, we listened a tape, the story of an old man (99 years old) who worked a lot in his life, he travelled a lot in many countries, he survived to two wars, he married twice. We had to listen 3 times the tape because the person spoke tooooooo fast. When we listened the tape the third time, I started to understand the meaning of the story. Then, the teacher asked us what we understood. Then, we replied to some questions. Finally, he gave us some exercices for next week. Two hours !!

I think next week, the group will be divided in two groups, because it's easier to speak when you are only 9 or 10 persons. I didn't talk a lot, only to introduce myself. I need a moment of observation, typical me :lol:

The courses take place in the north of Paris, at about 40 mins from my work, in the 19th Arrondissement. Foreigners take courses there and it's not expensive. About 195 €ur for 18 weeks. If you divide, you have the two hours at 10 €ur, so it's rather cheap. Swedish courses a few years ago were a bit more expensive.

Next course : next monday, just after my trip to Finland, I'll be fresh :lol:

The good news of the day is that on October 10th, I'm going to meet swedish suppliers for my work. My colleague asked me to come with her (a big miracle, hopefully I was seated lol). It will be in Paris, near the Champs-Elysées avenue :)

Yesterday, I watched ER, well, I like a lot this show, but it's slow. They lost some fans. In october, we'll have two episodes of FBI and two episodes of ER. So, I'm sure, I'm going to sleep in front of my tv lol Well, it's always the war between the channels, the other channel has -the experts-, I have never watched this show, a colleague watched the - experts- I have so many shows to watch that I can't watch all of them.

bye bye and see ya :wavey:

Miss Fabray
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Muy bien! :hug:
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