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now it's minight and i begin this blog with music (that drive me crazy,anywhere,anytime i listen to music (pop,rap, rock, bossa nova, electro,reggae....)
these last days, i became addicted to "pauline croze" and mickey 3D also
firstly, pauline croze is realy talented and so tactful
the melodies on her album are very simple but terribly effective and her poetry give you a lot of emotions
this is the ad for her first album: (if you listen to that 5 times and you remain indifferent, you have a serious brains problem, lol)
larme clips:
t'es beau:
mise a nu:
m'en voulez vous:

what else, i love also rocé it's a french rapper who mix jazz, hiphop, slam,

today, i listened to:
*mickey 3D with matador, la mort du peuple (french pop rock)
respire by mickey 3D with subtitles:YOU NEED TO BREATHE

*natacha atlas, mistaneek ,au nom de la rose ( arabic or cha'abi)
au nom de la rose:
mistaneek (it 'snot the version of my mp3 but i didn't find the clip) :

*nancy ajram, (i listened a lot of songs from her, she is lebanese and she sings cherquia ( name of the music which is the arabic pop)

* shakira, i like her music but i found her too commercial now (not like the begininng, with ojos asi), i don't know why. "underneath the clothes, hips don't lie" are remakes and she is unable to not dance in each of her clips.
tortura remix (the guys will like this clip)

*mano negra and manu chao. excellent group who sing in french,english and spanish
out of time, man:

* louise attaque is an excellent french rock band with a touch of folk. listen to the violon which makes me crazy each time
la plume clip: (absolutely a masterpiece , must to watch)
peter pan and louise attaque: (just bizarre)

*lunatic, mc solaar,kelis,camille, rocé, aline de lima, bebel gilberto, chopin, but it's enough for this night (i work tomorow,lol)
next time rap clips with mc solaar, lunatic, ....probably
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