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Yesterday was little Lee's birthday. My friend sent him hockey tickets as birthday gift. There are 4 tickets so we invited one of his friend who plays hockey.

It's a long drive as the Glendale Arena is about an hour from where we live. At least the boy we're picking up lived on the way. There are numerous construction going around the area. Right next is the football stadium where SuperBowl 2008 will play. And a shopping centre with hotels. Also, people in the west don't believe in public transportation so basically, the only way to get there (especially from my part of town) is to drive. Most parking lots are dirt lots (unless you're season ticket holders or VIP). And like a mile from the arena. We arrived early and WOW there's shuttle buses transporting you from the parking lot to the arena. The problem was we parked on the wrong side of the arena and the bus stopped on the wrong side of the arena where our seats were.

Anyway, no hardship in getting to our seat. It's not the best seat in the house but it's not bad. The arena is less than 2 years old so everything are modern and the seats are all very good even you have very cheap seats. The loud music and noise reminded me that little Lee is very sensitive to sudden loud noises and I was clinching inside. No doubt, when the game started, there's that LOUD sound of a canon firing and little Lee was miserable. About half way through the first period, he started asking when we'd leave. (For those know nothing about NHL, there are 3 periods of 20 minutes and like basketball, the clock stop when play stop) *sigh* But his friend was really enjoying himself. His best friend in hockey would skate on the ice between 1st and 2nd intermission. We were cheering and the kid scored the only goal and selected player of the match. And he was interviewed.

The game was a good one although the officials were disgusting. Phoenix scored a power play goal, Edmonton's goalie complained the net was off and the referees ruled no goal when the replay showed clearly the net was in its rightful place when the puck went in. The fans, of course, booooooooo loudly but it's useless. By the middle of 3rd period, Phoenix was down a goal 2-3 and the fans really got excited and finally, finally, little Lee got into the game. He started cheering and booing and yelling. Phoenix tied the game with a goal with less than 2 minutes left and everybody was on their feet. I was thinking, thanks to those awful referees, Phoenix was robbed for a point. Nothing settled after overtime and it's shootout time. Cujo stopped 2 of 3 Oilers skater and it finally came down to Nagy. And he delivered. It's was a great game.

We stopped at the Yotes' shop after the game and little Lee had a toy Zamboni as a souvenior. We didn't ride the shuttle as it's already a mess outside and we walked to our car. Thanks to my excellent sense in direction, we found our car easily but getting out and back on the freeway was no easy task, especially we don't know the area. We were forced to take the longgggggggg way out, instead of getting onto the freeway from the nearest exit (right next to the arena), we had to drive more than 2 miles, first to the east, then to the south (where the freeway was on the west side of the arena) to get on the freeway from another exit.

It was almost 11:30pm when we arrived home and since I took allergy medication earlier that day, I was dead on my feet.

But little Lee had a good day so that's what counts.
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