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Hello Everyone

Im Lafuria. My real name is Manuel.

My nickname is often the cause of confusion becuase it sounds feminine. It's untrue, Im a Male. There. Hopefuly it's a settled case.

What can I say, Friday so far has been a normal day. I skipped my Philosophy class this morning simply because I do not like my teacher, Mr. Perez. He is way too vague. Yes, Philsophy is not always the most precise subject, but still, I like it, although it can be annoying.

I did go to my Geopolitcs class. My teacher is called Robert Watson. The man is an absolute genious. He knows the history of almost every country, knows the issues of those counrties as well. He's written many books, and has appeared on CNN, NBC, etc.

Today he was talking about America, and what makes America unique:

1 pro:

Freedom. America is probably the country with most freedom-related laws in the world. You have many rights, and the constitution will, most of the times defend you.

1 con:


America is a country that bases it's much of its culture in the aquisition of objects. Most Americans have everything they need, yet they want more. This is evident on all TV commercials, driving on the highway and looking at posters, and people in general.

Don't get me wrong, I was born in Miami, and I love the states. But I find it interesting to discuss the cultural aspects of certain countries.

I don't know how the rest of the day will turn out. I might go out tonight with a Brazilian friend that graduated in the same high school I did (in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).

Tommorow I meeting a member of MTF. Could be interesting.

One Final thing, I dont think I might write in this blog every day, but every so often I will.

Hope you liked my first entry.


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