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Its hard for me to write about it but I have to get over it...Too much emotion..
Looked like that this early Saturday (13th May) start ( 8 p.m.) was more harder to deal with that I have expected.
I came to court (late) realized that I had group of some young prodigy, her’s (yeah I know, was girl) father and her coach.

First match (vs. prodigy’s father)
He came to me saying:”We are playing each other, 2nd court, one set, up to 6..”Thats the situation when I woke up, remember - like 8:30 p.m., I though:” OK, if you want it, I give you it hard.” I started to serve, 1st serve hit the fence, 2nd little bit closer to court, foking sun is shining at 8:30?Since when? I can’t serve against sun, I served next one in and shooted fh wide realized that this wasn’t my day...thinking st. like - fuck the serve, I’m going to break him back anyway...not at all, this at least 50years old man was moving well on court and most of the time it wasn’t necesery as I was shooting 2m wide fhs over and over need to write more, I lost 0:6..I wasn’t able to win more then 2 points in game...seeing this prodigy playing on next court didn’t make me feel even better as from baseline she was playing superb..prodigy lost to her’s coach 4:6

Second match (vs. prodigy’s coach)
No foking chance from the beginning, this guy was hitting left-right corners like making fun of me...was little more longer match as I had couple of game points on my serve but those players that make no UE makes me vomit...he was far better then me as he got probably first racquet into hand after his birth...result? 0:6... and his comment? “I didn’t want it like that..”What shall I say to this shit...and after that he started st. like building some friendship with me...WTF?

Third match ( vs. prodigy)
The goal was not to get another 0:6...Before I started to serve, my roomie entered the Club and seeing him get closer to the court I served 1st into the fence again...2nd little bit closer to court..telling him he should leave as he started to make friends with prodigy’s family or fans or what it was...I don’t know how but I was up 3:0*, this girl was making to much errors and didn’t play smart, I little bit slowed down as everyone was looking at me thinking what this macher trying to achieve by beating young girl...I stopped counting but I know that I was 3:2* 40:30 up when she made an error telling me that its deuce...I was fucked up coz you know, ain’t fair but nothing happened as I gave her my serve to get to 3:4* roomie was still making pics of me, so you know, I was posing all the time...didn’t care much about game but still beat this not more than 12years old girl 6:4...calling everyone during changing sides when was Shahar Peer playing, what odds were.. Attitude to tennis at its finest…this girl was to much nervous, wanted to much to win unless she would won easily....

4th match ( vs. Chief of the Tennis Club, nr.2 in ranking)
It was 11pm, some extra match or what, I don't know, so I was more thinking how to get to some betting shop as no one was able to bet for me...I was quickly down 0:5*, chief serving for set/match, I though OK,time to go for it, I broke him to 15, held serve to 0 and start really to killing him but it was too late as I fucked up the baseline rally at 2:5* 30:30 and let him won it...still we are having problems with each other and I can't let him lose as he would probably ban me for st.

Lesson I got?
WHO WANTS SOMETHING THAT CAN GET EASY? It’s same for life...I’m having injury problems but still I tried it...Gave it up early as I should at least try at court, if nowhere.
Next tournie to write about is last weekend from fun one, party night before...the one that handle shoots and early matches as no one there is going to win...That’s the only tactic/game-plan..

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