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Hey, I just had a dream about J-CF the other night, which is strange because I'm not even a fan of him (nothing against the guy). I haven't talked about him, seen him, read about him, or even thought about him in a long time and suddenly I dream about him. Anyway, here's how it goes:

I was just standing around by a wall by some other people. Ferrero comes to me and asks me if I'm doing anything tonight and I hesitate a little and turn him down. Then he says, "Oh, okay" and walks away. About one second later, I come to my senses and I chase after him. I find him leaning over into some type of teller window type thing, except there's no one in the window. I calmly walk up to him, and say "Are you doing anything tonight?" and he sheepishly replies, "Well, actually, yeah." He already found another girl!

This is actually the second time I've had a Ferrero dream. Way back in May, 2001 I posted this in a different forum:

I had a second dream the same night, but this time it was involving
Juan-Carlos Ferrero. He asked me out and I was really surprised because I
heard about how beautiful his girlfriend was. We started dating, and I
especially remember us discussing a camping trip as we were taking a walk
along a gravel road. We wanted to go by ourselves, but one of my friends,
Daria Morgendorfer (yes, the cartoon), wanted to go with and we debated over
various options until we decided that we'd tell her to invite her boyfriend,
Tom, so we could each have our own tents. Later, we got married. I then
was talking to movie people who were offering him a role and I turned it
down. Later, we got into an argument because I turned down the movie
without telling him. He was wearing a nice jacket and we were both holding
drinks. Also, instead of himself, he sounded and spoke like Jude Law. I'm
not sure, but I think the argument was also about me becoming an alcoholic.
Then, we divorced. The dream ended with him ending up in the same class as
me. He was sitting behind me and we got to talking before class was
starting. The teacher walked in and started talking about seating
arrangements. He said "I'll separate you two, I know you guys are
splittsville." Then Juan-Carlos said, "No, that's alright."

Weird thing is, I've always been kind of indifferent to Ferrero. Maybe I've
subconsciously become a fanatic. I'm guessing the reason I'm dreaming about
him was because he's being discussed so much leading into the French Open.
I'm guessing that the reason he sounded like Jude Law is because I just saw
THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY a few days ago. I'm thinking the reason I dreamed
about Daria was because MTV keeps promoting the season premier. I remember
I kept having those weird dreams about Yevgeny during the 1999 U.S. Open.

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i'm thinking you need some seconal...:p :p

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