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It's 00.24 am and i've just finished to celebrate my birthday. I don't like to celebrate my birthday, but my colleagues, Sophie and Julia, noticed that my mood was down approaching that period so they decided to invite me to a Mexican restaurant this evening.

So, we have been to the : and we ate Mexican. We chose Fajitas with chicken and beef :)

My colleague Sophie went to Barcelona two weeks ago and offered me a coffee cup with Barcelona written on it, and my other colleague Julia offered me a beautiful scarf (pink) with a book. They also offered me the dinner :) Well, I didn't expect it. Even the colleague I have problems with sent me an email to wish me a happy birthday lol, well no comment !!

I received emails and sms from persons I didn't expect.

My father called me apparently, but found the answer machine instead. He didn't gave any news since june, so he tried to call me twice the last few days and each time I was busy. He'll maybe try another time !!

This day was positive. Each time, I'm a bit depressed during that period, but finally, today was a good day, in the afternoon, I watched a serie with Wentworth Miller (Dinotopia, one of his first serie), so it was nice even if I prefer PRISON BREAK !! At the moment, he's in Australia, and some fans met him at the Starbucks coffee (Aurélie lol), so now, the French fans hope that someday, he'll come to Paris !!

Tomorrow, I have to go to work, and I'll be off on friday until monday included !! The week was not a tiring week, it's good sometimes to have some days off.

With one of my colleague, we would like to do sport exercises, cause I need to practrice a sport again. So, we'll check the prices and maybe, we'll go together, just to be motivated. I'd like to practrice "step" again. I had a wonderful time a few years ago.

Thanks to everyone on this forum who wished me my b-day. I hope to meet some of them next year at different tournaments !!

Also thanks for the ones who sent me sms, e-cards or emails !!

We'll see...
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