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Last night I celebrated my 17th birthday for my friends :) I really had a blast, and even though it was 1,5 month too late, we didn't care ;) Most of my closest friends were there and some of my teammates. I was so chaotic, I really wanted everyone to have a good time and I hope they did :D At first we just talked a bit and I opened some of my presents and after that we watched 'de Lama's', that's a Dutch kinda stand-up commedian show, it really was so fun to watch with all of us :p The last person left at 00:45 and I went to bed at 1:30, I had to clean up the livingroom and all, but my parents helped (They'd been away all evening, which was pretty ok :p)
I slept till 12:30 this morning and some of my friends texted me that they had a blast, which I thought was pretty cool. Next year is TOTALLY gonna be a big party: TURNING 18 THEN! But that's still like 11 months away :lol:
Need to go to the hockeypitch now. My team is playing and I wanna watch, I can't play .. Injured my left wrist, but I'm so gonna play next week! :D
Have a great weekend! :smooch:
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