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I wrote almost 3/4 of this blog when the stupid keyboard of the laptop messed up and I lost everything I typed. :bigcry:

Today was the last day in DC. There weren't many places to see so we started a little later in the morning. My son acted like a total moron in the morning so his privilege for Nintendo DS was revoked. We went down for breakfast. As usual, I finished first and went to the nearby CVS pharmacy to buy cough suppression for junior. He was coughing all night. Somehow, he slept thru all his coughing but I was awake most of the time. :rolleyes:

When I returned, the breakfast and lobby area were full of hotel guests. When I found hubby, he said junior took his key and went upstair to pack his backpack. I said there's nothing to pack as I had packed everything. It took forever for the elevator to arrive (we were in the 9th floor) and forever to reach the floor. When we open the room door, it's emptied. My son, our luggage, the camera, the laptop and hubby's jacket were not there. I was in a real panic mode. Again, we waited forever to get the elevator and reached the lobby. There seated with everything was our son. Hubby was mad and was about to yell at junior. I stopped hubby, sat next to junior and told him how scared I was for the last 5-10 minutes. (And it felt like forever to me)

We left for the Hirshhorn Museum today. And we had much better luck than yesterday as we found a parking spot right next to the Museum and IT'S FREE!!!! That's the first time we could park free from the beginning of our trip. I still had my cup of tea from the hotel breakfast so I told them I would browse the sculptures outside first and joined them later inside the Museum. Once I finished, I entered the Museum and had no intention to look for them :devil: I started from the basement floor and worked my way up. Some of the collections are very enjoyable for me but some, I really have no idea what the artists tried to express :tape: By the time I reached the last floor, they finished already so I rushed thru most of the floor, especially those I had seen in the Phoenix Museum of Art last year.

As usual, we spent a generous amount of time in the gift shop and again, as usual, we spent a generous amount of money there. We proceeded to the Museum of Natural History, to finish the shopping we intented to the day before. We all bought lots of stuff that totally filled up every space available at the cargo space in the van (we had our luggages there) that when we arrived home, I had to be in the back seat holding some of the bags when they open the trunk/back door. We returned to Chinatown to have lunch and we were not as lucky and had to park in a public parking. The restaurant we visited this time was just awful.

It started to rain when we were having lunch. We went to our last stop, the other Air & Space Museum next to the Dulles Airport. There, a Concord from Air France, the space shuttle Enterprise and a Blackbird are on display in the hanger there. It was dark when we left and I was quite worry as it's still raining. By the time we reached Delaware, after passing thru the traffic jam created by the toll booth owned by the Delaware government, the kids were hungry and cranky. When we reached another traffic jam because of construction work, we decided to find the nearest MacDonald (thank god for GPS). We exit the interstate and had another MacDonald moment. We returned to the interstate via another exit that's further north so we bypass the traffic jam. Unfortunately, for reason unknown to the driver, he took the wrong ramp. Instead of heading to New York/New Jersey, our car headed to Philly. :tape: So we took more extra time and it's almost half past 10 when we arrived home.

My poor brother-in-law still had to drop the rental car off and it's very late when he could sleep but he had to work the next day. His company is an investment company (a high risk one) and he must work on New Year Eve. The company office is an 1 1/2 hours drive with good traffic so he had to leave very early in the morning and by the time he's home, it's pass 7pm.


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