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We spent whole day in National Mall. The day didn't start that well for us because of the stupid valet. It's valet parking in the hotel we stay as parking space is a premium and cars are parking really close and often block each other. Our car was blocked by another car but unfortunately, the valet who parked that car forgot to put the ticket inside the car, therefore, they could not find the owner of the car (they gave the car key back to the owner :eek:) So, my bro-in-law and his wife had to wait in the hotel while we took a taxi with the kids to Air and Space Museum. We didn't know there will be another 30 minutes before it start so we walked to the nearby sculpture garden. Then we went back to the Air & Space Museum. We spent the morning there and ate at the MacDonald. The food is a little bit pricey compare to others but still reasonable. Inside the Air & Space Museum, there's an ancient IBM machine. :lol: You can see how big it's in the pic but the data that can be stored there are less than most of the thumb drives.

Afterward, we visited the information center in the Smithsonian Castle. The place is lovely. Afterward, we went to see the Hope diamond in the Museum of National History. Most of the exhibits we had watched in various mesuems already. The best place was the gift shop. The things there are reasonably price and the books are wonderful. Unfortunately, the car was parked far away and we planned to visit the Lincoln Memorial so we didn't buy many.

By the time we reached Lincoln Memorial, it's almost sunset so we took a few pictures and left. We also took some pictures in the WWII Memorial Garden. My bro-in-law went to get the car and we waited for him in front of the WWII Memorial Garden. We noticed no car ever stop there so I sent hubby to check. That's when we found out cars are not allowed to stop anytime on that part of the street. So we moved to the nearby intersection, found a place where he could stop and pick us up and called us. We waited forever as the traffic was terrible. Finally, before I was freezed to death, the car arrived (I was freezing because the day was so lovely and I left my jacket in the car because of the lovely weather. But with the sundown, it's getting cold.

We reserved a table in a very popular restaurant, at 8:45pm (that's the earliest time available when we called during lunch) so we thought about a trip to China town before we went to the restaurant. Chinatown was very busy and we could not find anyplace to park. We decided to return to the hotel. But after we went back to the hotel, we decided to walk to Chinatown and if we found a restaurant to eat, we could cancel the reservation. We found out why it's sooooo busy there because there's a basketball game in the sports center there. We walked around and found out that the restaurant we booked was actually in Chinatown :lol: We also found the shop that sells the white feather duck fan in traditional Chinese design. I saw one that morning from one of the hotel guest. She told me she bought it in Chinatown for 99 cents, a big bargain. I haven't seen that kind of fan for many years so I was determined to find it and buy one.

We finally ended up eating in another restaurant, returned to the hotel and I was online most of the night. :lol:


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