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Today, we travelled to Washington DC. We took a little detour to Philly to visit the US Mint and looked at the Liberty Bell. After lunch, we continued our trip to DC. We arrived around 4:00pm, checked into our hotel rooms and left immediately. We visited the Air & Space Museum as it will open for another hour. We probably visit it again tomorrow. We drove around the National Mall but when my brother-in-law tried to park near National Momument, we lost. :tape: After driving around for sometime, he finally used the GPS to return to the Air and Space Museum. I was wondering why we went back there as we had reservation for a restaurant in Arlington for dinner at 7pm and it's about 6:15pm. From the Air and Space museum to the restaurant, we needed about 30 minutes. When we finally returned to the Air and Space Museum, my brother-in-law asked whether we wanted to "walk around". He has a PhD but really not good in planning. :banghead: My sister-in-law and I were like, we had to find a place to park, let the already cranky kids walked 5 minutes, watched whatever available to watch outdoor after dark for a few minutes and then walked another 5 minutes back to the car. :rolleyes: We should just drive to the restaurant and see if they could accomodate us earlier.

So we arrived the restaurant at about 6:45pm. Somehow, the reservation in the restaurant said it's 7:30pm reservation. My brother-in-law insisted he called and made the reservation at 7:00pm So the female owner said she would see what she could do. The restaurant is very famous for their Peking Ducks, a favourite of George H. Bush who is a regular. There are many pictures of various famous people around the walls of the restaurant.

My sister-in-law was pretty pissed off by the female owner while we were waiting and the services are not top notch. But the food is really good and price is reasonable. The Peking Duck is the best I ever had except the one time that I ate in Beijing (Peking) more than 20 years ago.

After dinner, we returned to the hotel. My son went for a swim with his cousins, uncle and aunt while hubby and I went downstair to the breakfast place (it still open during the day with complimentary coffee and tea) to have some lemonade and coffee.


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