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We went to NYC again today. And this was the worst day so far.

We visited the American Museum of Natural History. Although it's a weekday, the whole museum was filled with people. EVERYWHERE. We hardly had time to view any of the exhibits because we had tickets to various shows. But there were long lineups to enter EVERY FREAKING SHOWs, so for 4 hours, we rushed from one show to another after lineup and more lineup.

The worst lineup was for food. Since we could not bring food into the museum, and with so many visitors, the small food court and 2 tiny cafes could not handle all the people so there were long line up outside them. We also managed to lost hubby who held the tickets to the shows. :banghead:

Anyway, the brief glimpse I had of the museum, it worths visiting. Just not on an overcrowded day. *sigh*

That night, we finally managed to finish most of the food. :tape:

The museum has a special theme for Christmas tree every year and this one is origami and my sister-in-law's friend is responsible for many of those on the tree.


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