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Boxing Day!

The guys - hubby, brother-in-law, my son and his cousin went to the Science Museum in Liberty Park. According to my son, they had a great day. I had a greater day as I joined her and her friend for their Boxing Day ritual, SHOPPING! We went to the mall in Freehold. We first went to Lord & Taylors. I bought a pair of capri pants and a silk shirt which are perfect for Arizona's weather. I almost bought a sweater from RL but the price was a bit too much even with 50% off. (It's at the end of the shopping day and we past thru the store again to return to the car that that sweater was on sale plus 50% off but it's a bit late as I had bought lots of other things already :sobbing: ) We proceed to Macy's and I bought some Christmas ornaments and 2 pairs of earrings plus another 6 pairs really tiny ones with different colour "stones" which I can use to match my clothes ;). We also went to many different places and lastly, to Hallmark store and bought more Christmas decorations. All Christmas decorations are for my in-laws :lol:

We returned home, inviting my sis-in-law's girlfriend and her family (she's the driver for the shopping trip) to come for dinner again (her family was one of the guest on Christmas day) trying to finish whatever food left behind. Still, the turkey was untouched. :rolls: That's how much food we had left from Christmas!


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