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Today, we went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Finally, the sun came out but the price was a colder and much more windy day. Because of Christmas Eve, they closed early so we left early too.

Even riding the ferry, we needed to pass the security check point and they even require belts to be off :rolleyes: We arrived the Statue of Liberty at about 11am. Luckily, there were not many people lining up for ANOTHER security check for entering the base of the Statue. We lined up for half an hour and were inside the museum, detailing the history and the creation of the Statue. Then come the challenging part. :p Hiking up the 156 steps to the top of the base. Other than my 16 years old, physically very fit nephew, the 12 years olds and the oldies had a hard time getting up there. (Even now, my thighs are sore :sobbing: ) The view was spectacular but it was extremely windy. Since 2001, the Statue was closed, thus even we wanted to brave the circular stairs to get up to the crown, we could not.

After taking tons of pictures, we left. When we reached the bottom, there was a very long line up outside the tent. (We did not need to wait outside the tent and still took half an hour, those people outside the tent had to wait at least half an hour before they reached the protection of the tent :tape:

After that, we took the ferry back to Ellis Island (yes, the ferries stop at Ellis Island first so we were taking the long way, which was done by most people :p ) We spent another hour there and left, heading home.

Dinner, we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant where you can cook the food at your table using charcoal. The food was very good but the service was terrible. The children were tired and when you had 2 boys similar in age and tired, they would start brickering each other even though they were best friends less than an hour ago.

End of Day 3


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