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We drove to NYC today to watch the Christmas Spectacular in Radio City Music Hall. The show was 90 minutes and a good show. When my son told his aunt the show was OK, I had to further explain that when he said OK, it's actually really good. It was amazing that he managed to sit thru the show.

After the show, we went to Nintendo Store, M&M World and ToysRus there. And my son totally hated all the places. And I told there's no way I will ever move to live in the east coast. It's the worst day to walk in the district near Time Square. The last Sunday before Christmas and rain, rain and more rain. Hubby still walked like strolling around the neighbourhood while my brother-in-law and his family made their way to the destinations the way people live in city does. I had to try to catch up, made sure my son was not lost and hubby was not too far behind because we didn't know exactly where the other people in the group were going.

Parking was insane, about $43 for the afternoon. :tape:

The only thing my son bought was a bag of mini M&M which could be bought in anywhere of the world :rolleyes:

The trip to ToysRus was the worst and I had to :worship: the way New Yorkers shop.

Finally, we left NYC behind and headed back to NJ. Unfortunately, there was an hour long delay in the tunnel and we went North to cross the river using George Washington Bridge. After the long day, we went to have sushi. It's a sushi buffet. There are sashumi, sushi, rolls, handcones, salads, udon plus regular hot foods like teriyaki chicken, beef and pork, tempura, many kinds of shrimps, snow crabs, blue crabs, etc etc. All for $28. Children are half price and that's actually determined by height. My son is 2 months younger than his cousin but he's taller so ended up my son was counted as adult while his cousin as child. :rolleyes:

End of day 2.
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