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This is my last day in NJ and we left for the airport in the afternoon. Most of the morning was spent in doing laundry. :lol: Clean up all the beddings! And of course, packing!

My bro-in-law took the day off but everyone else was in school or work. We had lunched in another Chinese restaurant. The food was CHEAP and pretty good and the portion is gigantic. Anyway, my hubby didn't know about it and order so many that about half of the food was untouched. After lunch, a smooth ride to airport. It's so smooth that I fell asleep most of the way. :p

We arrived in the airport, the lineup for checkin was not that bad as there are many staff there and by the time we were almost there, that's when the nightmare begins. And that's where the frustration begins.

The lady in charge of the line directed us to the other side of the terminal telling us there's no lineup there and semi force us to get out of the lineup and more there. So we raced thru the airport to the other side and ****, there's a line there and hardly anyone working. I was really pissed off. Because by the time we lined up again, we should be get our luggage checked in on the other side already. To make matters worse, a staff directed us to a station but the other family ahead of us already put all their luggages on the weight. So we could do all our checkin with the workstation, we could not weightin our luggage. We got everything done while the other family struggled to find their reservation. You see, NO STAFF WAS TAKING CARE OF THOSE WORKSTATIONS. A few stations down, there's a staff but even the travellers there still struggling with their reservations, she saw no need to come over to our side to help. And when the guy that directed us to the workstation came by, I just open my mouth to ask for help, he told me in the most frustrating patronizing tone to calm down. I really wanted to strangle him there. And he after told me to calm down, with the other group stuck there, he DID FUCKING NOTHING and walked away. It took another very long time before he returned. Basically, everyone that used to be behind us already got everything done and on their way for another long lineup for security check. He came and told us to put our luggage on another weight, then calmly told us that one is overweight and cost us $25. FINE. I paid, he gave me the receipt and tried to ignore us again. Since we were not moving, he finally asked what? And I calmly told him, WE DIDN'T HAVE THE FUCKING BOARDING PASSES and the workstation just ended everything when we got stuck. (OK, have to admit I never use the F-word loud in public, just use it here to show my frustration)

So after another long line up thru security, we reached the terminal and s**t, in our designated waiting area, there were many people but that's not our flight and obviously, that flight was delayed. And yes, you're reasonably to assume our flight was mightly delayed too. We wanted a starbuck badly but none in sight in the terminal we ended up so I went to Seattle Best. The barister (is the term right) was an absolute airhead. She missed one of my order and I didn't even bother to fix it, took the drink available and left.

After more than 3 hours delay, we finally were on our way home.
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