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New Year Eve!!!

I post really late the night before so I slept until 10:30am. Hubby and my son was up already. Since my brother-in-law was working today, we did not plan for any sightseeing at all. Actually, we finished all the sightseeing :lol:

We went out for lunch and squeezed 6 people in the 4 passengers + driver car. The little shop had great food. After dropping the kids back home, my sister-in-law dropped hubby and I in a shopping strip mall, then she went for grocery shopping. We went to Best Buy, LNT, Michael's, Pier 1, Hallmark and finally B&N. I would like to buy lots of things but we already had trouble packing everything we bought so far *sigh* Well, we have the same shops back home so hopefully, I will find most of the things I want to buy later. :lol:

We went out for dinner. Since it's NYE, most restaurants were closed except Chinese restaurants. We managed to wrangle a reservation for a table at 7:30pm because my sister-in-law knows the owners. When we arrived, it's a zoo out there. There were so many people waiting for their tables that they blocked the whole entrance to the restaurant. It's cold outside so nobody wanted to wait outside. It's was pass 8pm when we finally sat at our table. The food was excellent and we had many leftover to take home.

We watched ABC for the countdown and this is the first year I watched the ball drop in time square LIVE! Usually, I watched the tape delay 2 hours later in the MT zone. :lol: The kids and I drank apple juice while hubby and the in-laws celebrated with some champagne. We also had some Godiva chocolate to celebrate the occasion.

And this concluded my blog for the year 2007 (right now, it's still 2007 in PT zone :lol: )
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