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the trip was :yeah: we had the best car :rocker2: u can imagine,11 travel cars + 3 ambulances+escort all the way to Bran!!!!! we rocked the road!!!!
we got there around 10:30,it was snow all over. the guys had a snowfight :)baby:s). in Bran ,i took pics in every room :hearts:!!i loved it,i was feeling home :D
at 12 we were done with Bran ,we had time till 13:30 to spend our money in the bazar :p! of course,at it was damn freezing cold outside i spent my time at the skulls tavern eating a kiurtosh :lick:! there was a spooky house with 2 :drool: dracula's at the entrance,one was a :lick: blonde with blue eyes,the other one was dark brown with black eyes !both blood painted on the mouth:p
we left bran around 13:45 in order to get to military highschool ,of breaza to eat:p we ate like in army (but food was good) and visited the army school (after freezing at the long :yawn: speech of the mayor/school principal :rolleyes: ). we got home around 7 pm :)
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