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:tape: i should shut up in order not to offend ppl anymore...but when do i do what i should :devil:?
i just can't not tell you how did aleka touch paulo's bum by accident ( mwuhahahhahaha and she didn't enjoy it... at all :devil: ) and how did sandra do the most funny thing of teh day ( so funny that we were literaly rolling on the chair and one of the players who was training with koubeck asked us to speak softer :haha: ). well,do you remember super coach,vagnozzi's one? at vagnozzi's match we were soooooooooooooooooo not watching vagnozzi because of his coach..OMG he's so cute ( of course sandra was :hearts: at super fabio who had lost = sandra broken heart = our head almoust square ) ... vagnozzi won 6-1 6-1 ( :devil: )...but the most interesting thing is that while we were watching paulo's training ( and koubek's :yawn: ) she decided to go search super fabio..but meanwhile she went to the bathroom. there were 3 cabins,one closed,one with the door semiopen and the last one with the door open big time..and sandee decided to go to the large open one...WRONG!!! there was super coach,she hitted his bum with the door :haha: :haha: :haha: she didn't see anything but she ran out hoping he didn't turn to see who bursted into him :rolls: and it was women's toilet :haha:
we saw paulo and gilles and flo and zaba and pico ( :hearts: ) and yes,moya..he was very ( bery :devil: ) nice,he talked to us,asked us if we all speak spanish and where from did we learn it blabla ... nice guy :yeah:
can't wait to see Dima :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
and nico,we all took fried chips and shared them :p
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