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The new Placebo’s cd is available since last monday and I didn’t talk about it yet! Obviously, as I’m an old faithful fan, I drove 60kms after my workday to have the special limited edition with a big booklet and a DVD. Very interesting stuff inside the dvd /d

My opinion on this 5th opus? I loooooooooooooove it! :inlove: What a joy for old fans that they decided to come back to their sources. They said it sounded more than the 2 first albums “Placebo” and “Without you i’m nothing”) and I’m really happy :D
My favourites: Post blue, One of a kind, Pierrot the clown, drag… (and all the others :lol: )

Last friday, the new video from The Rasmus has been shown on music channels, it’s the video of “Shot”, their 3rd single.
Basically, it’s the band playing on the moon floor.. with planets in the sky. The video shows a lot of beautiful views of Lauri’s green eyes, accentuated by his black make up. So nothing interesting but I love the video :lol:

A bit of tennis now, I was happy that Hugo plays the quallies in Miami but he’s against my sweet Peter on first round :s I hope at least one of them will be on the main draw…
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