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When we watch Andy Murray, we all hope that he can wipe the floor of his opponents and breeze to the finals of the major opens, but then we must remind ourselves that we are watching Murray and not Novak Djokovic, and that stan james betting isn't as easy as this.

So, it might not have been the dazzling performance that Djokovic produced, but it has to be pointed out that Andy Murrays victory yesterday was a huge boost for him as he overcame his frustrations to make sure he did his job to progress to the second round of the Australian Open as stanjames predicted.

We have seen it all before, Murray being a set down, with way too many unforced errors and the result is often a disappointing one. But on this occasion Murrays inner calmness prevailed and he stuck to his game plan and produced a dogged performance to win the match.

Although Ryan Harrison wont be familiar to many people, people inside the game know that he had enough in his locker to trouble murray and he did just that. He played some great attacking strokes that Murrays usually solid defensive game couldn't handle.

But in the blistering heat it would take a small miracle for the world 77 to maintain his intensity and Murray's class came through.

Murray was experienced and mature enough to know how to grind out wins against the up-and-comers, just like he did in Brisbane when Bernard Tomic started so brightly before fading away.

Murray's performance is largely down to Ivan Lendl sitting in his box as his new coach who has had a great impact on Murray's mentality in games.

With the heat touching 37°C. Murray admitted it had been a "shock to the system" - but it will certainly stand him in good stead come the second week of the tournament, and he should be credited with being able to play in such conditions.

It wasn't a perfect win by far, but with the situation that presented itself with the heat and poor serving, Murray did what he had to do and won the game, which is very positive.
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