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Live tennis:

Andy Murray has called on tennis’ governing bodies to bring in compulsory regular heart checks for all players following the distressing scenes that surrounded footballer Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest on the field on Saturday.

The athletic midfielder suddenly collapse during his side Bolton’s FA Cup tie with Tottenham and after undergoing treatment on the field was rushed to London Chest Hospital.

Fortunately, the 23-year-old is showing encouraging signs, speaking both French and English to friends and family but it is still unclear whether or not he will ever return to the field.

Murray says that the sudden nature of Muamba’s illness goes to show that it can happen to anyone and that its time for tennis’ officials to bring in compulsory health checks.

“I was actually watching the game when it happened and I was head in hands,” Murray told MSN Sport. “You just can’t believe it. It’s an amazing fight from him and hopefully he’s going to make a safe recovery.

“It should be something that’s just done,” he added. “I think it’s time in almost all sports everybody should have screenings before they can compete.”

The 24-year-old has revealed that he himself has regular independent checks as he knows the strain that the sport puts on his body.

However, a number of his rivals don’t take as much care as him and the Scot says the sport needs to bring the checks in, otherwise something terrible could happen.

“The reality is if something doesn’t happen about it, it’s likely to happen again at some stage, and it’s just so, so horrible” he added. “You don’t wish something like that to happen to anybody".

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