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Andy Murray is set for a huge season ahead of him next year as the Scot sets his sights on the next step of his tennis career: world number one status.

Punters who live tennis online have been delighted at the performances of Murray, who earned a first Grand Slam title at the US Open earlier this month.

He has since taken a mini (and well deserved) rest from the sport as he basks in the glory of his historic exploits. Yet very soon the British number one will sit down with Evan Lendl and plot a course through next season’s tour.

Yet Murray must be careful not to jump the gun too early with his newfound personal expectations however, and rather than thinking of a Rodger Federer overhaul at the top of the rankings should focus his attentions on the Australian Open.

Melbourne is his next great challenge, not Wimbledon or Roland Garros or any other rankings event. Line betting fans know that Murray will go into January’s tournament as the new king of the hard courts and must prioritise this tournament above all others next season.

His epic five-set victory over Novak Djokovic at Flushing Meadows barely narrowed the gap between Murray and the top of the ATP rankings and the Scot is not likely to overhaul both Djokovic and Federer before next season is out.

Instead, he should consolidate the first Grand Slam he has and look to steadily build on that, rather than exhaust himself earning ranking points at minor ATP tour events next year.

Winning the Australian Open would be a major coup for Murray at this stage of his career and would reaffirm his stance of one of the modern day’s greats. Too much talk of being the future world number one may eventually get to his head and wilt the career of a usually steady Dunblane man just as it starts to flourish.
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