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Andy Murray has appointed Caroline Wozniaki as his coach in the wake of his Australian Open disappointment, stating that he wants the Danish number one to teach him how to be more aggressive.

"Caroline's obviously got her own career to think of, so it's not gonna be a full-time thing, but at slams and joint ATP/WTA events she's going to help me out. I've decided to take a different approach to things after thinking long and hard about my game. I want to be more offensive and I can't think of anyone who knows more about offense than Caroline", he informed his fans via twitter yesterday.

The British star says that he considered many other coaching options before coming to his choice.

"John McEnroe, Stefanki, Connors, Jelena Dokic's dad- a lot of guys were interested, but I was watching a Wozniaki match on telly the other day and she blew me away with her risk-taking. Once I saw her hit a high loopy topspin forehand near the tramlines, I thought 'wow, that's my girl'. I'm looking forward to working with her."

And the feeling is mutual says the WTA's top-ranked player.

"Andy's a terrific talent", says Wozniaki. "But I look at him playing sometimes and think, 'Jeez man, you need to stop being such a pussy and go for it a bit more.' Why push the ball down the middle of the court when there's plenty of space cross-court for an expertly -placed moonball? Know what I mean?"

The Scot concedes that he's been a little bit too defensive and passive in the past.

"Yeah, I've been trying to get the balance between attacking and defending but maybe I'm not quite there yet. But with Caroline, I mean she's pretty much the female version of Fernando Gonzalez or Robin Soderling, spanking winners from all sides-well maybe not winners but definitely hard shots that go above the 35 mile per-hour barrier. She's not afraid of it and she didn't get to number one by accident...well okay maybe she did, but I'm still employing her cause she's hotter than Miles Maclagan or Mark fucking Petchey."

"I'm going to encourage him to go for his shots", reveals Wozniaki to this reporter. "Mind you, the last time a Dunblane resident went for his shots we ended with a score of dead school..."

"Okay, okay Caroline, we'll leave it there! Back to you in the studio, Bill!"
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