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You can't argue that Andy Murray hasn't always had a lot of potential, but there is little doubting that we're now getting to the point where saying that the Scot has potential is akin to saying that he should have been able to work his way to the top, but simply hasn't been able to.

With no Grand Slam victories to his name, the time to replace the aging Federer and a Nadal who seems to have lost his focus seems to have passed on to the dedicated and deadly Djokovic, who has come from nowhere to dominate the world of tennis. With his increasing petulance and egotistical nature, the Scot also seems to be losing fans left, right, and centre, which means that Murray has a big year ahead of him in 2012. Those looking at the Betfair Australian Open odds should remember this.

Having said that he likes his new coach mainly because he lets him do his own thing, you could be forgiven for growing increasingly anxious that Murray has only hired a coach to be a yes man for him, rather than someone who is prepared to tell Murray the exact areas in which he needs to improve, as well as how to improve his mental edge so he doesn't continue to bottle it in the final of a Grand Slam, with Murray doing just that on every occasion so far in his career. People with a Tennis free bet should bear this in mind.

This may sound a little harsh, but the fact of the matter is that Murray increasingly looks like being one of the big disappointments of the modern era of tennis and, more worryingly, is threatening to join Tim Henman as the perennial try hard who never quite makes it for one reason or another (though thankfully for British tennis fans he is clearly not a natural on grass, which means that his hopes of winning Wimbledon have always been slim!).

Let's just hope for the sake of British tennis that we're all proved wrong!
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