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It has taken 76 years but, at last, a British man has won a Grand Slam singles title and, according to Andy Murray, winning the US Open “means the world” to him.

Murray didn’t make it easy for himself in defeating Novak Djokovic. Having been two sets up, he then lost sets three and four, before winning the final set of an epic contest, which lasted almost five hours.

Having recently been defeated in the final at Wimbledon, Murray should take great credit for his victory of Djokovic, who was the reigning US Open champion and many pundits’ favourite for this contest.

"To come back in the next Grand Slam and to win it in a five-set match against Djokovic on a hard court - he hasn't lost for a couple of years on a hard court in a Grand Slam - is unbelievable," said Murray. “I think everyone is in a little bit of shock that it has happened," he added.

The match against Djokovic was Murray’s fifth Grand Slam final and it seems that the experience of the previous four has been enough to give him the edge over his Serbian rival. "I have kept improving. I have worked hard all the time, even after the tough losses. I have had a fairly solid team around me as well for a long time" Murray said. "I'm very, very happy to come through," he added."If I had lost this one from two sets up, it would have been tough to take."

Ever since turning professional in 2005 there has been great expectation on the shoulders of 25-year old Murray, and many thought that he would never quite live up to his potential. But, this win at Flushing Meadows has proved that he has what it takes to win Grand Slam titles and many Betfair Tennis Tips now feel that, given the form he has shown this year, he will surely go on to win a few more yet.
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