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"Brad steers clear of the technical stuff and allows me to express myself
with the shots I have developed over the years," Murray says after slumping
down at the conclusion of the session.
But how does Gilbert cope when he gets a verbal lashing, as often happens
when Murray loses his rag during matches? "It's not a personal thing,"
Gilbert said. "It's more a personal thing to himself that he is not doing
better. He's just venting. I would never have done it to my coach and Andre
would not have done it to me. But that's the thing: everyone is different
and you have to handle what comes your way. I don't think it's good if he
does it day in, day out. But that's his release a little bit." Is it
something that is diminishing over time? "I hope so," he said, laughing.

Many have sought to unpick the Murray psyche, but one comment during our
courtside conversation is particularly revelatory. For some reason we have
got on to Harry Potter and the Scot confesses an interest.

"I went out and bought the latest book because people had been speculating
that he might be killed off, which I thought was ridiculous," he says. "I
just read the last three pages to find out. It told me everything I needed
to know."

That is Murray in a nutshell: a young man in a hurry, a no-nonsense
20-year-old who cannot be doing with anything that does not get him to his
intended destination in the fastest time possible. This is not someone who
is likely to spend his spare moments pondering metaphysics or the finer
points of Shakespeare.
A few minutes later he emerges from the gym with Gilbert, the two men loping
slowly off in each other's company, respectful of each other but wary, too,
like a wasp and a scorpion. One suspects that they will not be pen-pals
after their association ends, but it is a relationship that, so far at
least, is working wonders.

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Cheers... interesting article!!!

Andy and Brad rock!
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