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who would have thought my first final was going to be on GRASS AND ELITE CONTROLS :hysteric:

we actually played a good old fashioned grass court game, both in the positive winner wise :eek: at one point we had a slicing rally, I felt like Niculescu :hysteric:
I broke in his first service game, holding serve casually until *5-3, and me, being the choker of the year, choked on my serve, only to break him later on to 15 :lol:
Rodrigo :hug: GL at WB :yeah:

as I am a man of my words, congrats to Adly for winning his first title, and curse you LazyGOAT for bringing such a good player to our tour to beat me in my first final :ras:

as for me I had a solid grass season, losing twice to Khronos but banking in those 90 points :drool: I also think I get around 60 for this CH final, so that is an OK amount in the end :lol:
I am still a dark horse at WB with simulation controls and the right draw :devil:
301 - 307 of 307 Posts