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To the MTF user community,

As our site has recently experienced a major update, the moderation team has collectively decided to update some of the site wide rules and regulations to be up to speed with the new forum. In particular, the infraction system has experienced an overhaul.

We would like the forum experience to be as pleasant as possible for everyone. Therefore there are some important rules to adhere to that all members of the forum are expected to adhere to. These rules have remained unchanged from before the forum update, but the consequences and how we police these have been updated. Please take your time to familiarise yourself with the rules and the updated infraction system as per the link below.

A major summary of the changes are provided as follows:

1) All previous infractions and warnings acquired before the major forum update are now considered defunct. That's right, all warnings (yellow cards) or infractions (red cards) from the past no longer count. Everyone gets a clean slate, but only for any warnings/infractions made prior to the forum update.

2) If you are found to be in breach of a site rule, you may be notified formally of a warning (yellow card, only for first offences) or an infraction (red card, applied after warnings, or sometimes immediately to first offences where deemed serious enough). These come in three major categories: minor, medium and severe.
Ban lengths are now determined not by individual offence type, but major category.
For example, trolling and forum disruptions are both considered minor infractions. Getting a red card for both now stacks the ban length cumulatively (so rather than a 1 day ban issued for each offence type, it will be 3 days ban for the 2nd red card of the overarching category).

The details for these offence types and categories they fall under are listed in the site wide rules and regulations link above, or in the spoilers below [click to open].


Offense Types & Ban Lengths
Minor Infractions

Doping Allegations
Forum Disruptions
Match Fixing Allegations
Signature Rule Violations
1st Red Card - 1 day
2nd Red Card - 3 days
3rd Red Card - 1 week
4th Red Card - 3 weeks
5th Red Card - 1 month
6th Red Card - 6 weeks
...Permanent Ban warning following 6th offense in single category
Medium Infractions
Editing Over a Moderator’s Change
Inappropriate Language
Moderator Bashing
Persistent Forum Disruptions
Personal Attack
Posting for a Banned Member
1st Red Card - 10 days
2nd Red Card - 3 weeks
3rd Red Card - 1 month
4th Red Card - 2 months
...Permanent ban warning following 4th offense in the single category
Severe Infractions
Discriminatory Remarks
Uttering Threats
Violation Privacy
Wishing Death
Wishing Injury
1st Red Card - 1 month
2nd Red Card - 2 months
...Permanent ban warning following 2nd offense in the single category
Spam (Advertising)/Multiple Accounts/Using a Second Account While Banned
1st Red Card - 3 months
...Permanent ban warning following 1st offense in the single category
Custom Infractions
They may be given in special cases or for offenses that do not fit exactly
under one of those listed above.
Permanent Ban (1 year) Warnings
Permanent ban warnings will be given if a user fits into one of the following criteria:
1. A user has accumulated 6 minor infractions (expired or not)
2. A user has accumulated 4 medium infractions
3. A user has accumulated 2 severe infractions
4. A user has accumulated 6 total infractions of any kind
Permanent Bans
Once issued a permanent ban warning, the next infraction of any kind will lead
to a one year ban. Once the user is eligible to return, the next infraction
of any kind will result in a permanent ban with no possibility of reinstatement.
3) The criteria for permanent ban warning has now been adjusted. Please see the bottom of the above spoiler for details.

4) The standard appeal procedures remain unchanged.

5) The "new user probation period" has been scrapped, but all users, old or new are expected to adhere to the rules as listed.


If you have any queries or comments about some of these changes, please do not hesitate to contact a moderator by conversation, or through the "Ask MTF mods" thread Ask MTF Mods.

Thank you for your cooperation,

The MTF Moderation Team
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